Gavin Sutherland

Gavin Sutherland

Title: A Curious Noise
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"A Scotsman, an Englishman and an American walk into a bar... But seriously, I thought it was time for a few new sounds and a bit of musical interaction, so I called a couple of pals and got the ball rolling.

John Wright, drummer with the band I left school to join back in the sixties, and Carl Damiano, a piano player from the States who I had the good fortune to bump into while I was out on the road a couple of years ago,  formed the nucleus of the band and, as things developed, we were joined by singers Debi Doss and Rachael Brown and horn player Alexander Jarvie. A fine bunch of people to work with and spend some time with. I played the guitars and bass and a few other odds n' ends including the little old Hohner accordion I found in a builder's rubbish skip a few years ago. Yeah, someone had thrown it out.

The seeds of A Curious Noise were sown last year while I was out and about, doing a few gigs. With hotel room time on my hands, and plenty of courtesy note paper lying around, I began to scribble down rough ideas until I had enough raw material for an album in my suitcase. When I eventually got around to recording, in the summer this year, I decided to do it all in mono, a sound I'd loved since I first put a tanner in a big Wurlitzer juke box, way back in my 'teens, and a sound I knew would suit what we were putting together. 

We really enjoyed making A Curious Noise and hope you like what we've done.



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