Jim Weatherston

Jim Weatherston
Jim Weatherston

Title: Take Me Dancing
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Does anybody really get to know Jim Weatherston?
Well yes! They do and I’m proud to number myself amongst them. He is open, and hopelessly opinionated. Sigh! But likeable in a big way!…….He is a very keen musician and a close and trusted honest good ol’ buddy. Anyone else would find him to be exactly that if they don’t cross him.
He is very proud of his long friendship with fellow musician and equally magnificent songwriter Charlie Milne. They, with George Archibald and Jim’s wife May, work well together in the acclaimed “Ragged Glory”.
I had the privilege of producing and recording Jim’s solo CD which has just been released. “Take Me Dancing”. It really is jam packed with goodies. Melodic, poignant, emotive, emotional and damned well clever self penned material.
Jim is a strong instrumentalist; generally guitar and bass, and his voice is reminiscent of Neil Young with a Scottish accent. (I am a Neil Young fan.)
The best I can say is that these songs are amongst the best and very stealable. I will be using some. Sorry Jim! I will try to get my own versions close to your own standards if I can. (Good luck Ian!) Ian Bruce - Feb 2018

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