Bob Leslie

Bob Leslie
Bob Leslie

Title: Land and Sea
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After many years as a well-known face on the band circuit, Bob Leslie's re-invention of himself as an acoustic performer resulted in 2 well-received Americana CDs - In a Different World (2010) and Fat Cat (2011) - and a re-launch onto the folk circuit. There, his highly-crafted songs - some serious, some very funny indeed - had audiences showing lively appreciation. However, more and more, Bob found himself drawn to the challenge of writing in a more traditional Scottish vein - a medium, as it turned out, ideal for a musical story-teller.  Land and Sea is the result: 12 narrative songs, their subjects ranging from the Highland Clearances to a Stromness witch who told Walter Scott a few tales. Bob is accompanied by some of the brightest talents on the Scottish folk scene.

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