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Gavin Sutherland
Gavin Sutherland

Title: Tango at the Lost Café
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Tango at the Lost Café is the fantastic 2013 album from singer/songwriter Gavin Sutherland, featuring special guests including his old Sutherland Brothers and Quiver partners, Iain Sutherland, Tim Renwick and Willie Wilson.

"With a bunch of tunes in my head I knew I was heading somewhere new, but I wasn't quite sure where I was going until I happened upon a Tango session at Mike's Old Bus Depot near New Pitsligo, next door to The Lost Café.

As the hot little five piece dance band struck up, a lovely, happy young woman took my hand and asked me if I'd like to dance. "Of course" I said, "but you'll have to bear with me. Never done this before." Kirsty displayed the 'ocho' and 'giro' moves with effortless grace as I struggled to follow her lead, but strangley, as she dragged me around the dance floor, all the random little bits n' pieces of music that had been rumbling around my head for some time, began to fall into place and make some sense.

A rough sketch of 'Tango At The Lost Café' appeared in my head as I drove home under a starry sky and, by the time I'd got in and put the kettle on, I kind of knew where I was going. Olé!"

- Gavin Sutherland.

"Tango At The Lost Cafe, I love it, really relaxed vibe and great tunes. It's a win" - Johnnie Walker, BBC 2.



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