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Garson Duncan was born in Aberdeen and raised in Banffshire. Music was a large part of his childhood. Though he learned to play piano and keyboard from a young age, singing was always his first love. However, as happens all too often, life got in the way and a singing career was not on the cards.


In his 20s, Garson’s profession allowed him to travel all across the world, including enjoying living in Sydney, Surrey and the central belt of Scotland. It was during his time living in the latter that he finally started performing solo gigs.


Garson had always loved Scottish traditional music, delighting in Scotland’s rich cultural heritage. Through his love of this classic material, the idea to create fresh and modern interpretations of some of Scotland’s best-known songs was born.


By now his career had taken him to a corporate position in Edinburgh, but it was not long before he realised that a repetitive weekly routine was not for him. This was ultimately the catalyst that would drive him home to his native North East to pursue his long-time dream of a singing career.


His move back home resulted in a meeting with producer Steve Ransome of RSD Studios in Aberdeenshire and together they collaborated on what Garson had been imagining for well over a decade.


The new compositions turned many of the tunes on their head; a fresher and upbeat Flower of Scotland, a stripped-back melancholic Lovely Stornoway. There’s also the heart-wrenching Loch Lomond, and the epic finale of Dougie MacLean’s staple Caledonia.


Proud Standards was always going to be the album title, a decisive nod to Scotland The Brave. “High may your proud standards gloriously wave…”

Was there ever a more apt name?


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