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Steak House is the eagerly awaited début album from Scottish blues rockers GT’s Boos Band, one of the hottest emerging blues bands around in the UK right now. Described as ‘blues with feeling’, the GT’s Boos Band sound is a no-holds barred combination of blistering guitar solo’s and a rock influenced vocal which remains true to the blues.  Early 2013 saw the band’s creative juices come to the fore and, drawing heavily on the somewhat colourful experiences of the youthful GT, they wrote their début album ‘Steak House’. One of the songs from Steak House, ‘What I’m Wishing’, appears on volume III of the critically acclaimed series of Scottish blues compilation albums, ‘Jocks Juke Joint’. The band has already had extensive airplay, including an appearance on Paul Jones’ show on BBC Radio 2, with Netherlands DJ John van Lent also commenting, ‘it’s a privilege to be able to broadcast such songs for you.’ Describing the guitar solos of Johnny Boos, he said “I think he’s BRILLIANT!”

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