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A Glass and a Mile takes the concept of their previous album Paddy Goes to Huddersfield a few steps further. This time, the Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson bring us brand-new versions of timeless Irish songs and tunes: not just traditional folk, but also veering into the “stage Irish” or “popular classic” territory. This abundant seam of music has been largely ignored by accomplished folk artists, perhaps because of lack of “street cred”. A big loss to the listening audience indeed! Listeners who liked the music on De Dannan’s ‘Ballroom’ and ‘Star-Spangled Molly’ albums will find that Glass and a Mile is a welcome return to this repertoire.

A highly respected artist in his own right, Alistair Russell was a member of Scotland’s esteemed Battlefield Band from 1984 to 1997. Chris Parkinson has been a session musician on a plethora of recordings in addition to releasing two solo albums and a further seven with the hugely popular pan-Celtic outfit The House Band. 

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