Claire White with Robbie Leask


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‘Lasses Trust in Providence’ is the name of a traditional Shetland fiddle tune but it also neatly describes the content of this album. Here are ninth to twenty-first century women’s tales which illuminate the ‘She’ in Shetland. In dialect and occasionally English language, songs touch on themes of exploration, witchcraft, motherhood, friendship, creativity, courage and survival. Traditional and self-penned, lyrics combine to paint a nuanced picture of island femininity, framed by memorable melodies.

Claire White has been been playing fiddle for more than three decades and songwriting for eight years. She learned music from the late, great Dr Tom Anderson and has travelled worldwide performing and teaching Shetland material. Robbie Leask is a multi-instrumentalist from Lerwick who plays guitar on this album. He was fiddler in Aberdeen-based ceilidh band, Hogtie, for a number of years and is currently guitarist in the Corran Raa quartet.


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