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Debi Doss is a professional singer with a career spanning 40 years. Her career was launched by securing a position as a backing singer in Ray Davies’ touring musical “Preservation” in 1974. Since then, Debi has worked with a huge range of artists, including David Gilmour, Ian Gillan, Mike Oldfield, The Pet Shop Boys and, most notably, with The Buggles on their 1979 smash-hit “Video Killed the Radio Star”.

The EP Debi Does… was conceived when Debi decided it was finally her turn to break away from singing backing vocals and sing lead vocals herself. As a tribute to the artists who have had an impact on her professional life, she recorded her very own stripped down version of “Video Killed the Radio Star”, with Phil Palmer on guitar (who not only worked with Debi in The Buggles but also is Ray Davies’ nephew). The track was recorded at Konk Studios, where she used to work with The Kinks. 

Debi pays tribute to the songwriting skills of Ray Davies by recording the wonderful classic “Waterloo Sunset”. She also covers the ballad “Nothing Lasts Forever” from Ray’s musical “Preservation”. Debi played Ray the tracks she had recorded at Konk and he encouraged her to “now write some of your own”. So she did! She decided to try her songwriting skills along with writing in another language and the French ballad “Je Chante” was written. Finally, Debi composed the short musical phrase “Fly High (Part 1)” as a memorial tribute to her young, 20-year-old nephew, Scotty, who tragically drowned in Big River, outside St. Louis, in June of 2014.


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