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Part two of “Wayfarer” – One woman’s journey from Illusion to Light in four parts.

Following on from the spiritual awakening that led to Felicity’s award-winning debut album, Repairs & Alterations”, her journey continued inwards, onwards and upwards.

This is the second instalment of her journey of transformation.

The following quote from one of her unrecorded songs, “Let it be Known”, describes it well.

“Let it be known that I have loved you
Let it be known that I have cared
Let it be known that a time is coming
That was long ago prepared.

Let it be known that I have loved you
With a passion deep and wide
And that I’ve travelled a great distance
To bring good news from the other side.

Let it be known that I ventured on
Through a dark and deep terrain
But into golden light I have transmuted
The dark dross of my pain.

Let it be known that I travelled on
Unafraid of being scared
That in collapse and dissolution
I was lovingly repaired.

Let it be known that I was wounded
At the very centre of my soul
But on my knees in repentance
I fell apart and became whole.

Let it Be Known”.


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