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From the tops of the trees to the deep blue sea and all the world in between, come and join FUNBOX for their new singalong show!


Whether you roar, squeak, flap or swim it’s time for some fun with Gary, Anya, Kevin and Bonzo (the former starts of The Singing Kettle). There’s silliness and songs galore in this exciting new show and of course those fun loving Funters, Fluffy and Flossie, will be helping the gang with some cunning riddles to help them pick a key to open the Funbox, which has everything you need to sing a song or have an adventure!


What is Anya’s favourite snack? What makes Gary put on his coat? What’s in Kevin’s crate? What gets Bonzo howling? All the questions and more will be answered in ANIMAL MAGIC.


With classic songs like “Down in the Jungle”, “Three Craws”, “5 Speckled Frogs” and “Bear Hunt” along with catchy new songs, ANIMAL MAGIC is an exciting singalong experience for families and friends of all ages from nought to ninety!

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