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Established industry stars have heaped praise on these recordings. They bring unprecedented clarity, revealing music which is often masked in prior recordings. This is achieved through exploring new recording techniques and combining these with the best of established practices. These recordings restore the full length of these famous symphonies, as Mozart intended. No cuts and compromises are made. More than this, Gavin makes sure no music which is repeated sounds the same as before. He changes the way the orchestral instruments are played, how many are used and changes their articulation. In this way, the music unfolds, develops and drives forward with increasing momentum to its conclusion, be it tragedy, triumph or peace. There is considerable doubt that Mozart ever heard these Symphonies. No-one knows exactly why Mozart kept them under wraps. Gavin supports his contention that Mozart was saving them for his London debut – where he longed to live and work – with many fascinating details about Mozart’s life and closest relationships. For this reason, Gavin calls these symphonies Mozart’s ‘London Symphonies’. Sadly, Mozart did not live long enough to fulfil his dream to move to London, and many believe that he died as a result of over-work partially in trying to make this happen.


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