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John Graham and Jim Jack’s debut album, Sae Will We Yet, features an eclectic mix of many of the favourite songs from their live act with contributions from some of the most talented contemporary songwriters from Scotland and further afield.
Graham Miles’ haunting ‘Eldorado’ hints at a life of missed opportunities while Iain Ingram’s ‘Calton Rose’ and ‘Braes o’ Appin’ are love songs in the Scottish tradition. Steven Clark’s ‘Coming Home’ talks of the plight of the many refugees cast adrift in the world today. John and Jim’s love of Americana is also represented in the rollicking ‘Truck Driving Man’.
John and Jim have been playing in folk bands since the 1960s. John was a founder member of The Clydesiders in 1968 and remained with them till they became inactive in 2000.  Initially the fiddler in the band, John developed into a multi-instrumentalist and plays a range of instruments on the album. Jim started his folk song career in Edinburgh with The Portlands before moving to Glasgow and playing for many years in Carterhall. Jim plays guitar and shares the vocal duties with John.
On this album John and Jim are aided by Cy Jack on keyboard and Calum Maclean on the five-string banjo.


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