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Lock up your daughters, put on your brown trousers & grab the nearest fire extinguisher. What’s that aroma? That must be the FUNK that’s been spilling from the heart of the Norfolk countryside across UK & Europe which now sees the release of their debut album, Fiesta Moon Landing. Killamonjambo’s mission is to bring their flavour to new audiences within a lust-fuelled aura of their live energy and this has been transferred onto this debut release.  Sit back, put your cans on, turn it upto 11 and let the boys take you to the moon and back in time for tea.

7 piece ska/funk/reggae/dub band Killamonjambo have been together for several years, with original members meeting at school, now in their early twenties they and their music have matured.  They have moved from practising in their bedrooms, to playing in pubs, then playing Arenas in Germany supporting La Brass Banda and playing many large UK festivals on main stages including Glastonbury and Boomtown Fair during 2014 to name a couple.

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