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The Lady of Finlarig is the debut album from Scottish duo Killin Thyme.


“Here is a little about myself, Big Duncan McKinnon: I live in Killin, Scotland – hence the band name, Killin Thyme – and started playing the chanter when I was four years old. I developed a love for Scottish and Celtic music having been surrounded by it all throughout my life: both my grandfathers played the pipes, although I never knew my dad’s father whose pipes were handed down to me and are the ones I play today. One of my uncles also plays the pipes and my mum, renowned Gaelic Singer, Mary Sandeman, sang the most wonderful songs, many of which stuck in my mind and some which I try to play today. I taught myself to play whistles, border pipes, Irish pipes and guitar which has led me to many music sessions and festivals/events around the world. On leaving school I was somewhat undecided about what I was going to do for a career, and fell into fish farming for some time before moving on to the construction industry – I’ve always been good with my hands and poor at writing. It is not until the last 10 years that I decided to play music full time. Over the years I’ve also grown a keen interest for motorbikes and it was this mutual enthusiasm that brought myself and my big pal, Jock, together to record this CD. Enjoy” – Big Dunky


John MacMillan, a.k.a. Jock The Box, is an accordionist/singer and, above all, a performer with worldwide musical accomplishments spanning 25 years. He is an extraordinary musician with an individual style encompassing many genres and influences, and entertains with his unique and infectious personality coupled with a versatile and fiery repertoire. Touring has brought Jock international acclaim, having performed throughout North and South America, Europe, Scandanavia, Iceland, Switzerland, the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and The Carribean. Over the years Jock has collaborated with many artists including musical giants, The Stranglers: Jock and his trusty accordion have opened for many of their shows including their 2007 concert in Brugge, Belgium, where his intro Waltz in Black was recorded to feature as the opening track on The Strangler’s album, The Meninblack In Brugge. He is continuously working on new projects and The Lady Of Finlarig sees Jock working alongside Duncan Mackinnon, friend and fellow musician. This CD is enriched with musical spirit, coupled with historical happenings, and Duncan and Jock would like to thank you for purchasing their album and hope you enjoy it. Slainte!


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