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Born in Edinburgh, Marie Fielding has been immersed in Traditional music from an early age and become one of the best known fiddlers, tutors and award winning composers in the Trad scene and lectures at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. With family roots as far as County Mayo and Dunloe, Donegal and influences from Gaelic song, piping tradition, Shetland and Tobermory, Marie is an open minded and extremely versatile fiddler, crossing many genres including folk, Indian and jazz influences and has collaborated with an array of musicians, as well as guesting on many albums, radio and TV programmes.

Marie’s new release for 2020 is The Spectrum Project, which explores the journey of being in the moment.

“Recorded in an organic environment, focusing on mood and response, rather than rehearsing, planning and aiming for perfection, The Spectrum Project features 10 tracks of mostly my own compositions, never played before until the actual recording process. I wanted to capture energy, emotion and flow during the process. At times, I had a sense of being “suspended in the air” as the tracks emerged, searching for “landing places”, like tension and release.”

“I have a huge need to take risks as this is when I discover, push the boundaries, find the unknown, continuously makes subtle additions to phrasing and the melody, creating movement and a journey in the tracks. I am much more drawn to investigating dynamics, simplicity and texture than technicalities, which I feel prevents me being creative and honest about how I really want to express myself musically. The cover of the album features a painting that I did, using acrylics and textures.”


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