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Orkney Monster is the long awaited third album by The Chair, the band who have become synonymous with live concerts, festival highlights and late night parties. Finally they have managed to capture the sizzling energy of The Chair experience on record with this barnstorming new album. Drawn from the band’s experiences of island living, the album features tunes written by many of the band members, arranged and produced by the band to create an ‘as live’ sound. It ranges widely from rollicking reels to mellifluous and sensitive airs and everywhere in-between. It was the last album to be recorded at Mattie Fould’s Caribou Studios and also features songs by Tim O’Brien and Tom Waits.

The band have been going since 2004 and have gained many fans over the years with the unique brand of ‘Orkney Stomp’ music designed to get people moving. Twin fiddles, banjo, accordion, guitar, drums and bass altogether create an exhilarating sound. They draw heavily on their collective Orkney roots and heritage, using some local tunes and writing melodies inspired by the isles they call home.


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