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Tom Lyne is an acoustic and electric bass player from the jazz, folk and contemporary music worlds. Heralding from Canada with a distinction in jazz bass from Montreal’s McGill University in the ’91 he then settled in the UK, subsequently appearing as collaborator and sideman on many recordings. Far From Mars is his first solo CD project.

Led by his virtuoso fretted and fretless electric bass playing, Far From Mars provides a showcase of computer and electronic based music highlighting his compositional and production skills as well as his work as a multi-instrumentalist. Far From Mars takes you on a unique sonic journey that will move your heart and mind. This music is packed with energy and improvisation that captures a sense of the 70s and 80s generated with a palette of modern production and innovation. The album began as a series of instrumental improvisations that developed into a set of generously arranged, concise and exciting compositions. This is an album that asks for careful listening to get a full sense of the detail and production, but is also immediately rewarding for the casual listener.


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