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Closer To Home is the first studio album recorded by Alastair Savage alongside guitarist/pianist Euan Drysdale and Double bassist Iain Crawford. Made at Dougie MacLean’s Butterstone Studios in 2004, the album showcases the group’s early work together. Included on the disk are a mix of Alastair’s own compositions, a set of traditional tunes from Boston and an arrangment of Bill Monroe’s bluegrass classic ‘Jerusalem Ridge’. The album was released on Alastair’s own label Woodland Records’ and has received widespread airplay on BBC radio 3 and radio Scotland.

Engineered and co-produced by Jamie Maclean is reflects the beginnings of a new collaboration process between Alastair and Jamie at the Perthshire studios.

Alastair’s compositions give evidence of the programmatic style of writing, particularly in tracks such as ‘End of Rain’ ‘Clear Sky’ and ‘Quiet Water’. The album also highlights the blend of arranging skills provided by Drysdale and Crawford to support the compositions. 


The combination of musical styles and crossover of different genres is a feature of the perfomances and is a popular album for people wanting to experience the interaction of musicians with performing interests in different fields of music. Savage and Crawford working in the areas of folk and classical combined with Drysdale’s blues and rock influences.

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