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This is the 9th Traditional Shetland music album but for the first time incorporating traditional shetland dancers. Exciting uplifting rhythmic lilt of da fiddle carrying the backstepping, toe-tapping Shetland Folk Dancers through the night.

This album not only returns to the grass roots of Shetland fiddle where the tunes are played for dancing, it also tributes Patrick Shuldham Shaw, who saved a significant amount of old shetland tunes during his shetland visits in the late 1940s. Pat composed the famous “Margaret’s Waltz”, which was made massively popular by Shetland Fiddler, Aly Bain. However Aly’s version differs greatly from original played here. 

The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society is proud to preserve the traditional tunes, winning the Europa Prize for Folk Art in 1994 by german charitable foundation. The Society performs regularly in Shetland festivals, whilst over the years, have played tours in Germany, Norway and many UK festivals.

The Society is a foundation of shetland repertoire for the younger fiddle members who then branch out to successful musical careers eg: Aly Bain, Jenna & Bethany Reid (RANT), Maurice Henderson (Fiddlers Bid).


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