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Andrew J Newall’s second album pays homage to the music he grew up with. It is a celebration of the songs he would hear at family get togethers and the songs he would go on to perform at folk clubs up and down the country.

Following on from the positive response to his debut album, ‘Reflections from an Airport’, he was encouraged to capture. ‘for old time’s sake’, the songs he was better known for in the folk clubs. He did not need to be asked twice. As expected of AJN he has put his own interpretation on some classic favourites.

‘Janus’ however is not only about looking back. It also looks forward by including new songs with news collaborations. Once again the songs were written on and inspired by the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides , Scotland. The majestic beauty of the Island provided the right environment for creative thinking.

Andrew J Newall has again teamed up with Sandy Jones of the Foundry Music Lab to produce yet again a piece of inspiring and thought-provoking work. Once again, their partnership has produced an album of the highest quality and originality. By surrounding themselves with musicians of immense talent they have managed to create some magic.


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