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Over their ten years The Bevvy Sisters have become a recognised house for great singers and songwriters. With this, their third album, the soundscape has broadened vastly in contrast to the live and acoustic feel of their much-lauded previous releases, St James Sessions (2009) and Plan B (2014). For those who might associate their music with cabaret and light-hearted gimmicks, think again! With ten years behind them, this a mature piece of work. THIS MOMENT is a collection of nine musically, sonically and emotionally packed songs, all original pieces with contributions from all four ‘Bevvys’, except for one stunning cover arrangement of Melody Gardot’s ‘Love me like a River Does’. The songs mull over the various aspects of time, from the hectic and hilarious jazzy portrayal of the pace of modern life in Donnelly’s opening track ‘Timing’, the urgency of taking action against the world’s ills in the rocky blues infused ‘Get Go’ to keeping the faith with Macleod’s Waitsy styled ‘Home’. There are hints of sensitive R&B with Murphy’s ‘Heal this Heart’ to the need to get away from it all in Donnelly’s folky/blues flavoured ‘Waterline’. It is by far their most creative piece of work yet. A real family album. A real ‘coming of age’.


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