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Sheila K Cameron (SKC) is based in Glasgow, Scotland and Vancouver, Canada

She has been described by others as “something of a blues singer”, “a torch singer to trade” and “a Scottish poet – songwriter”

She describes herself as a once-upon-a-time performer who is now more of a writer, but one who continues to sing, record and develop her own style

Her material, which consists of songs and spoken word tracks, was written and recorded over a period of several decades in Glasgow, Haida Gwaii and In-Between

The arrangements on this selection of seven songs are by Wild Biscuit Music ( They were mastered by Geoff M Allan (

The image is taken from an old photograph of the Tlell River on Haida Gwaii. It is referenced in the song Where the Last Tide Runs with the words “I will move with the time of the brown river rising”


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