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Introducing The First Escapade, Anita Abram’s debut EP available as a limited edition CD, and the beginning of your enchanting journey. The cover art, painted in soothing shades of green and blue, adds to its allure. Unveil 11 magical images created by Anita inside this 4-panel digisleeve containing one music compact disc with five original songs (total running time 20 minutes 46 seconds).

The EP includes; Anita’s debut single Gravity Running, a personal commentary on the futility, inevitability and insanity of human conflict driven by fear and greed. The final sentiment of the song, ‘we will never back down’, refers to the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people.

Experience the magic of Shingle Street, a remote coastal settlement in Suffolk UK, encapsulated in the song Shift Away, (complete with authentic field recordings) and join the mission to protect our natural environment.

Anita is an independent singer-songwriter and a member of the DIY Female Musician’s ‘Rise and Release’ community. She composes, records and produces music from her home in Suffolk UK, and is the founder of Every Bird Records, a community interest company supporting independent female musicians with unique voices.

Luke Concannon, best known from the folk duo Nizlopi while influencing a young Ed Sheeran, said “There is something classic in Anita’s song writing. Simple, mythic, deep…”


This release features:

Anita Abram – Lead Vocal, rhythm guitar, field recordings

Pete Moody – Vocals, Piano, arrangements, other instruments

Chris Lockington – Lead Guitar

Mark Sewell – Percussion


Produced by Pete Moody & Anita Abram

Music and lyrics by Anita Abram

Every Bird Records CIC


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