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This unique concept CD represents a journey of self-discovery, musically and imaginatively, telling a story that could, quite easily be reality.

Science fiction or reality, we will let you decide?

Combining a 50-minute musical composition which encapsulates a hidden message, a message that needs to be heard, A message supposably written in the future, telepathically entrusted to a young girl to become their messenger. A story that delivers an intriguing vision of the future. Whether see dreamed it or actually travelled in time was so intriguing that we decided to put across her unique experience, her vision of the future within this CD.

Sit back in your own space and take on board the reality of future generations trying desperately to manipulate our path. A path which seems innovatively to be leading towards self-destruction.

Her experience is trying to shape a new destiny and therefore this CD, “The message 2372” must be heard and will be continued for the good of mankind.

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