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Auld Hat – New Heids review of their 2017 Celtic Connections sell-out concert:
Throughout the years that Celtic Connections has been running, there have been many memorable concerts and this will go down as one of them. It was a truly memorable night and up there with the best concerts over the years.” – Danny Mathieson, Celtic Music Radio
Hello! Do you remember the early folk club days of the 1960s/70s when Scottish folk song was at its peak? In practically every town of any size there was a folk club packed with people having fun and singing along to the songs popular the time. I ran several of these clubs. I loved those days and I miss them! So, I decided to create a show mixing the fun element of that era with the more accomplished musicianship typical of today’s scene. Ian Bruce (vocals and guitar), Pete Clark (fiddle) and Gregor Lowrey (accordion) are about as good as you get and, between us, we have created AULD HAT – NEW HEIDS. The show will allow some people to reminisce and others to experience what they missed first time round. It will allow you ALL to sing your hearts out.
The shows are extremely popular and we believe that we have managed to transfer that stage fun to this, our first CD as a group. Between us we have many other recordings but this is the one you’re looking at right now… and that’s all that matters! Please enjoy this CD and thanks.
– Fraser Bruce


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