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The Highland singer-songwriter duo, Brian Ó hEadhra | Fiona Mackenzie, have released their highly anticipated debut album, TÌR – Highland Life and Lore, on the Anam Communications record label. Co-produced by esteemed musician/composer Mike Vass, this album reflects their traditional Gaelic roots as well as other musical influences including Nordic, Eastern European and electronica.

Whilst the duo’s live sound has been called “ethereal and evocative”, the album TÌR has been described as “sophisticated, ambient and cinematic”. With layered harmonies, innovative interpretation of ancient Gaelic texts and songs as well as newly written material, Brian Ó hEadhra | Fiona Mackenzie have made a unique, high-end production album which would lend itself well to film and television soundtracks.

The duo have collected and written songs from the Highlands dealing with both traditional and contemporary subject matter which is still relevant to life in the Highlands today. They drew inspiration from rich Gaelic folklore as well as current themes which they feel passionate about; land reform, engaging with our environment, questioning of authority and life, love and loss.

Texts such as “Beannaich a Thriath Nam Flath Fial” and “Tha Mi Dol Dhachaigh Leat” are from “Ortha nan Gàidheal | Carmina Gadelica”, the inspirational collection of folklore which was compiled by Alexander Carmichael over a hundred years ago. Inspired by the beauty and depth of the words, the duo created their own melodies to reflect the subject matter.

Working closely with musicians Keith Morrison, Innes White and Mike Vass, traditional Gaelic songs such as “Cha Bhith Mi Buan” and “Iomraibh Eutrom” have received innovative arrangements and sound-design which has resulted in a truly original sound.


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