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A Brazilian percussionist, Allysson Velez travels to HuntlyScotland. There he is touched by the very first contact with the Scottish Ceilidh and impressed by the common musical language of the north east of Scotland and the north east of Brazil. Here he worked with a special selection of local Scottish musicians and a musician from West Africa, who has settled in the area, to transform an encounter into a musical flow of exchanging gifts and virtues. This album, NordEste/NorthEast, documents that exchange of Scottish and Brazillian music, which also inaugurates a new word, Ceilidhcatu, merging the words Ceilidh (a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing music and dancing) and Maracatu (a performance genre found in Pernambuco state, in northeastern Brazil), from which the musicians have taken their name.

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