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Separations is the second album from Scottish singer songwriter Colin Macduff. Building from the success of his 2022 debut, The Past and the Sky, this new recording is a musical exploration of different aspects of separation. The story -based songs cover the losses and gains from relationship break ups (Hats; The road I took with you), bereavement (Jeanie; Singing on), economic/geographic displacement (Floor 23; Out to the other side) and more besides.

As on The Past and the Sky, Colin’s characteristic mix of humanity and humour comes to the fore in the finely crafted lyrics. While the melodies are primarily accompanied by acoustic guitar, Separations also includes three piano based tracks co-written and arranged by Maria Quinn. Separations is produced by Blazing Fiddles’ Angus Lyon, and features the stellar fiddle playing of his bandmate Jenna Reid.


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