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Diana’s debut album, ‘Freefalling’ her ‘My Piano And Me’ moments, reflects just a small sample of her very full life, her ‘Hallowed Ground’. From growing up within the inspiring Camphill community, living in Germany, England & Scotland, to hosting radio shows (including sitting in for Iain Anderson on BBC Radio Scotland for a couple of years) to playing the piano bars, at private weddings, at open mics all the while nursing full-time, specialising in palliative these past 14 years…and not to mention being mum to 4, she is right to question ‘Did I’ really do all that? With so much to draw from in this ‘Crazy, Beautiful World’ with its loves and losses of her ‘Heartbeat’, she will never be short of subject matter.

Musicians who contributed were chosen for their sympathy with her piano-based, calm, comforting, ‘Lulladi’ melodies: Ross Ainslie (whistle), Lyle Watt (guitars), James Lindsay (bass) and Stuart Brown (drums). Angus Lyon was chosen to produce the album. He helped to open her tap of music. Being a pianist as well, he shares her love of the instrument and most importantly of all, had a beautiful baby grand on which the album was recorded. For Bob Dylan fans, there is a special cover, ‘You’re A Big Girl Now’, a nod to everyone having to give it ‘All Away’ and go their own way eventually. For Diana, her ‘Going Now’ is on to the next album.


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