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Felicity’s re-mastered, award-winning debut album was first released in 1987 to much critical acclaim and is the first instalment of four that will comprise “Wayfarer” – One woman’s journey from Illusion to Light. It won Best Folk Album in the Which CD & Hi-Fi Awards of 1989 and she was commended along with Peter Gabriel in The Most Innovative Performer category, which Prince won.

It is a Hero’s Journey for our time. Music journalist Tony May wrote in Folk Roots upon its release:

“Well, the album’s a kind of vinyl confessional from one both qualified and prepared to blow away publicly the lies, false dreams and artificialities she must have encountered a thousand times. In places, Repairs & Alterations, as the title suggests, is virtually a plea for deliverance, a violent lashing-out against destructive illusions, a search for soundness and rest.

As such the material is very dramatic, pain-filled and touching. Felicity sings in a very breathy, half-talking manner which conveys her type of material ideally, and is not an easily mastered style. Her superb songs include yet another to continue the Marilyn Monroe fascination, probably inevitable given the album’s subject matter, and again the Monroe tragedy has inspired a great song.

The songs are given a most exquisitely sympathetic, gentle treatment by a band of music makers unknown to me but maestros all.

A very great album, which spills the beans courtesy of one who knows and can communicate the truth.”


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