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Felicity’s spiritual, mystical journey, documented in song, continues with this third of four albums, which will make up Wayfarer – One woman’s journey from Illusion to Light. The classically influenced melodies are here given a country embrace.

Committed to the Fire follows on from her critically-acclaimed, award-winning debut album, Repairs & Alterations (1987) and second album, Interior Design (1998). Renowned singer, Jennifer Warnes, told Felicity back in the early nineties that she had waited all her life to hear songs like hers and that she was “digging roads” with them.

Leonard Cohen told Felicity, “Your voice is a very clear light”.

Felicity’s ‘habit’ of releasing an album every ten years was broken along with her sternum when she was involved in a major car crash in 2009. In a heightened state of survival she paradoxically surrendered to the frailty of the flesh and supremacy of the spirit. Confronted yet again with the continuing necessity to transform or die, she faced more of the demons she thought she could run from and wrote many of the songs for Home, which will complete Wayfarer; her lifetime’s work.


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