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THE WOODS is the new album from Scottish composer and multi-instrumentalist, Hamish Napier.

“For THE WOODS, I have used the Scottish Gaelic alphabet, which is centred around Scotland’s native trees, to explore the folklore, natural and social heritage of Strathspey. I’ve composed tunes for all 18 Gaelic letters. There’s also music for the people who lived in the woods locally, and who explored, worked, foraged, mused, trained, flourished and died there. I explored the flora and fauna of the Caledonian forest, riparian woods, montane scrub and other woodlands, in particular the properties and uses of our twenty or so native trees. THE WOODS is sponsored by CAIRNGORMS CONNECT, a partnership of neighbouring land managers, committed to a bold and ambitious 200-year vision to enhance habitats, species and ecological processes across a vast area within the Cairngorms National Park. My music marks the beginning of this momentous nature project and I am very proud as a local artist to play a small part in the epic goal of Cairngorms Connect.”


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