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Danse Macabre is the second album from virtual band Imaginary Creatures, a studio project formed by the collaboration of lyricist and songwriter David Scott and composer and multi-instrumentalist Iain McKinna.

For this album the Creatures are joined by legendary drummer Ted McKenna (Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher, Ian Gillan Band), and by a top-notch lineup of guest musicians, including jazz saxman John Burgess and (making a return from the first album) guitar ace Keith More. Our special guest for this album is Joe Bouchard, star of Blue Oyster Cult and Blue Coupe.

Once again, thought-provoking lyrics are at the centre of the album, taking the listener on a journey to places that are sometimes dark, sometimes psychological. The music features rich textures of guitars and keyboards, and includes some memorable hooks.

The album was recorded at Offbeat Studios in the heart of Edinburgh.



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