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Sometimes They Get Into the Machinery is the fourth album from virtual band Imaginary Creatures. The group is a studio project formed by the collaboration of lyricist and songwriter David Scott along with producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Iain McKinna. A little different from previous offerings, this album is the result of David’s long-held desire to make an album using real strings – principally cellos – to augment the traditional guitars, keyboards and drums. To this end we have recruited cellists Wendy Weatherby and Ron Shaw and violin virtuoso Seonaid Aitken.

We are also pleased to welcome back drummer Ted McKenna, who played on the second Imaginary Creatures album. Best known for his time with Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Rory Gallagher, Ted is still touring extensively with Band of Friends and Michael Schenker Fest.

The blend of rock and classical instruments has produced a lush and intriguing sound for this album, augmented in places by sampled instruments. Some of the songs rock, others are delicate and ethereal. All are haunting, in keeping with the album’s theme of ghosts.

The album was mainly recorded at Offbeat Studios in the heart of Edinburgh, with Ted’s drums recorded at Heartbeat Studio in Midlothian.


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