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This Girl, This Woman is the debut album by 57-year-old singer Jude Adams, who discovered her talent following a life-changing M.E. diagnosis. The album, which Jude describes as soulful pop with a 60s twist, contains 10 tracks all written and sung by Jude, and produced and arranged by musician Janette Mason. Jude comments: “ I always loved to sing, and I always did, but behind closed doors. It was only when I got to 50 that I summoned the courage to start singing in public. And then two years later I was diagnosed with M.E. Performing, work and many ways in which I lived my life had to stop or change significantly. It was debilitating, but led to a lot of personal reflection, and ultimately the silver lining of discovering a passion for songwriting. 


So the release of this album is a culmination of years of hard work, and so many ups and downs. It’s a very personal album, and together with a beautiful story booklet, video and exhibition, I see it all as a piece of art. I feel I have finally found my voice.  I hope that this launch will be the springboard to share my music and story more widely to raise awareness and inspire others.”


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