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Judy Fairbairns is a published writer and artist based in the Inner Hebridean islands of Scotland. In this magical collection of original songs she explores her own view of life on the wild Atlantic shore, drawing inspiration from her highly praised 2013 memoir Island Wife (Two Roads).

Contemporary, poetic and heart-warming, Judy’s songs are personal and uncompromising yet instantly relatable. Scottish producers Wild Biscuit have deftly combined technology with emotion in this unique collaboration to make an album that is of-the-moment while remaining timeless in its appeal.

‘Music is in my soul, in the way I set down words with a rhythm of my own. I can write a song in an hour if the mood is right just by looking out at nature or when reflecting on my own heart story. I sing as I walk. I love to sing and the thrill of singing to an audience lifts me out of myself and into the song. Inspired by all around me, the weather, the seasons, the moon-tides, the people in my village, something someone said in passing… these songs are formed from my thoughts about what I see, what I feel, what I long for and what I already have.’


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