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Landing Place is a collection of songs that encompasses an emotional inward journey – foremost, becoming a mother, reflection, and coming to terms with all that has been and gone so far.

Kirsten says, “An unexpected part of this journey has been the profound effect that the exploration of my dad’s works has had. The emotional, musical and poetic cohesiveness with him, I truly feel, and it has helped me realise, that although not my terminus, Landing Place is my emotional journey, my life experiences, my letting go, my acceptance, my here and now. I truly believe music is my way of connecting people’s unique experiences and making sense of big emotions together. Throughout the extended periods of isolation from my fellow musicians during 2020 I felt a great desire to co-write and via online sessions I worked closely with some fantastic established writers. Jason Mcniff, Dave Burn, Jon Mackenzie and most recently Dean Owens.”

These intuitive artists helped Kirsten deploy her traditional and painfully honest story-telling. Through soaring melodies and burning sentiments they reproduce vivid images of Kirsten’s real life characters, essence of circumstance and consciousness of landscape.


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