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All royalties from Gambling Machine, the debut release from Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers, were reinvested in new equipment and the production of Empty Roads, which as accurately as possible recreates the extraordinary energy and virtuoso playing witnessed at any Boogie Brothers  live performance. A baronial drawing room was used for recording, allowing the drumkit in particular to breathe, and lending a natural reverb that enhances the live feel to this album.



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5 reviews for Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers

  1. Jon Seymour

    I love the sound of a blues guitar solo and on this album there are some of the finest that I’ve heard anywhere. On the slower tracks where the rest of the musicians hold back a bit, to make the guitar just that bit more prominent, the overall effect is beautifully done … As a collective work this is one of the finest blues albums I’ve heard so far this year. Empty Roads will take you on a winding journey, and if you close your eyes you can imagine yourself blasting down a meandering country road on (or in) whatever mode of transport takes your fancy. If there is any justice in the world then this album should be huge as it’s just sublime. Yeah, I absolutely love it, and honestly I was taken aback by just how good it actually is. If you’re a blues fan, then this album is a must. If though, like me, you just enjoy honest music, played by excellent musicians, then this album should be right up your street. So what are you waiting for?
    Jon Seymour – http://www.cackblabbath.com (May 2012)

  2. Ian McHugh

    in a room where everyone else is exploring the rockier fringes of their genre in a search for distinctiveness Lewis stands out by virtue of his traditional sound. There signs of youth in the music, a certain lack of restraint in the guitar (which I like a lot) and the occasional forced nature of the vocals. It is exciting though, and that makes for an extremely enjoyable listen … it’s not all full on balls to the wall guitar hero stuff, and the beautiful delicate playing of the acoustic instrumental, The Stream offers a great foil for the rockier numbers. All in all, this is a very impressive release, it opens strongly and keeps up the momentum throughout while offering some seriously amazing guitar playing backed by an astoundingly tight band. If you’re interested in where the blues is headed you could do a lot worse than to listen to Lewis Hamilton, he certainly gets a thumbs up from me! Ian McHugh, UK Jazz FM

  3. Liz Farmer

    Empty Roads is the bands second album since forming in 2010 and looks to replicate the success of their debut release Gambling Machine which was well-recieved by blues fans and music press alike. With a vocal maturity that belies his eighteen years, Lewis impresses with every self-penned track, from the sultry opening of ‘Drinking Game’ to the up-tempo, funky ‘It Won’t Be The Same’. The catchy title track has obvious commercial appeal, its pounding beat contrasting with the moody ‘Canlelight and Sympathy’ and delta-inspired ‘Like a Burning Tree’. Two contrasting instrumentals bring the album to a close, Granny Cool, a manic ‘blues/ ceilidh’ hybrid and the captivating acoustic ‘The Stream’ which meanders softly, like leaping salmon fanned by dancing butterflies. After two year’s hard gigging in their native Scotland, the band is poised to break through to a wider UK audience. This inspired production is the perfect calling card
    Liz Farmer, Blues in Britain, 15/08/2012

  4. Rex

    "Empty Roads" CD Review – As a fan of blues rock guitar, listening to Empty Roads, the new Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers CD, is a real pleasure for me. This is the follow-up to their debut release, Gambling Machine, which was a tremendous effort and made me wonder what to expect from these guys next. Well, what they did next was follow the usual road to success in the music business: plenty of hard work and practice with endless gigs and then back to the studio. Their sophomore effort builds on everything they learned from their first album and moves the band along to the next level, as this is a very good album that provides plenty of variety. Empty Roads is ten solid tracks of first-class music that will make most any blues or rock fan happy. Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers have outdone themselves with this release, and have set the bar for even better things to come. Check it out! (Blues Blast magazine)

  5. Ben

    "Empty Roads" CD Review – At only 19, this is the guitarist and singer’s second release, and he is already a popular live draw in his native Scotland, and his reputation is starting to spread. With a guitar style that owes a lot to the Vaughan Brothers, and a song writing style that pushes forward, but also has strong roots, this is blues music with a brain and a foot tapping beat. Accompanied by the strong rhythm section of his dad Nick on bass, and Ian Wallace on Drums, they explore funky blues rock, slower, swampy blues tunes, a slide guitar solo piece, and even Scottish folk on the album closer. So, we have the blues rock of ‘Tear me to the bone’ and the Seasick Steve like title track, with its strong slide guitar motif, the country rock/jazz crossover piece of ‘Granny Cool’ with its strong comedy flavour…There is something for fans of strong music, well played by talented musicians, and at only 19, we have much to look forward to from this talented musician (Bubblews)

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