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This compilation was put together by the boys at Lewis Hamilton Music and aims to showcase just some of the many blues artists around Scotland. There’s the fine whisky soaked vocals of Stevey Hay and Paul Muir, the grit and smoulder of Laura May Gibson and Helen Turner. Hear the classic electric guitar playing of Al Brown and Iain Gibney and the blues slide of Lewis Hamilton and Gus Munro. There’s the acoustic country picking of Sleepy Eyes Nelson and Lovat “Houndog” Fraser contrasting with the harder edged blues-rock of Gerry Jablonski and Willie Logan. There are wailing harmonicas by Fraser Speirs and Paul Montague, Kirk Lothian’s hammond organ and some honky-tonk piano by Richard Young and Craig Arnott, and Kenny Miller’s jungle beat. The Yahs boogie, while Ruff Cut shuffle. Hear Frank O’Hagan’s respite from academia, Dana Dixon’s tender ballad and Gary Martin’s love song. Whatever your taste in blues, there is sure to be something for everyone on this CD.


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10 reviews for Various Artists

  1. Jason Elliott

    "These 2 CDs seem to represent a seminal moment in the history of the Blues in Scotland if I’m not mistaken. A kind of "perfect storm" if you like. It’s a credit to all of those involved in the Scottish music scene generally, that this abundance of talent is allowed to flourish, right here and right now, but in particular, much kudos has to go to the "curators" of this exhibition" Jason Elliott (Hebden Bridge Blues Festival Director)

  2. Blues Review

    "Scotland’s status as a breeding ground for the best blues talent is assured through Jock’s Juke Joint." Blues Revue

  3. Blues Matters Magazine

    "Fantastic, at last a compilation of some of the best blues talent in Scotland. Over the past few years there has been a plethora of exponents of this genre , keeping up the legacy of such greats as Frankie Miller, and this release gives tasters of such talent." Blues Matters Magazine

  4. Blues Magazine

    "A wonderful anthology of what is going on in the blues fields of Scotland. Personally, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of what is offered." Blues Magazine (Netherlands)

  5. Dave Watkins

    The opener from blues rockers Blues n Trouble sets the mood which is followed by youngsters The Kennel Wages, almost an Indie rock n roll kind of blues, before Wang Dang Delta brings a more mellow laid back tune. Earl Grey and the Loose Leaves, described in the inlay as Captain Beefheart meeting Howlin’ Wolf, is a truly original song; Leah brings us a lovely, slow blues number by the name of ‘Lost In The Night’ and The 4 Al’s instrumental, ‘Jam’al’, is great fun. Other personal highlights for me include, Jed Potts & the Hillman Hunters with the seven minute slow burner, ‘Don’t Tell Me; Richard Youngs’ harp lead, acoustic toe tapper ‘Confidence Man’ and The Lynsey Dolan Band with another sultry laid back tune, ‘Do Right Man’. Every track is a winner and I doubt you will press the skip button during the whole album. I would urge you to go and find out more about the project and maybe treat yourself to both editions."
    – Dave Watkins, Wasser-Prawda Magazine (Germany)

  6. Colin Campbell

    "Produced by Lewis Hamilton , one of the best up and coming bands with a much acclaimed album, “ Gambling Machine “ and also a blistering recording of a new track “ Empty Roads“ on here. The release starts with a stalwart of Scottish blues, Stevey Hay, growling through “Shake Rag Boogie“ a crowd pleaser. Albany Dawn’s “South Of The City“ is an eclectic mix of styles. Other highlights include Gerry Jablonski and The Electric Band’s “Higher They Climb“. Laura- May Gibson gives a soulful smoky approach to “You Can’t Hang“. The Jenson Interceptors, Sleepy Eyes Nelson and perennial favourites Dana Dixon Band provide a country blues flavour. More experimental is Missing Cat with a gutsy “For The Loss Of It“. The Frank O’Hagan Band featuring Fraser Speirs on harmonica provide a big band feel, just class … has to be one of the best compilations made this year, taking us on a roller coaster ride of emotions and blues styles, just "
    – Colin Campbell, Blues Matters

  7. Blues In Britain

    "Now this is what I call a ‘concept album’ – 17 tracks united only by love of blues and of the Saltire. Several Scots artists have established themselves on the UK blues-scene in recent years. The next wave hopes this collection will be their springboard… We hear there are further volumes to come. Here’s hoping for many more of them!" Blues In Britain (UK)

  8. Blues In The North West

    Scotland has produced some of the finest British blues exponents, not least The Nimmo Brothers, Tam White, Rev Doc and Blues ‘N’ Trouble. This album demonstrates that the production line remains in very good order right across the blues spectrum." Blues In The North West

  9. Ian McHugh

    Jock’s Juke Joint is a great purchase for blues fans, a great introduction to a vibrant Scottish scene and a really well picked compilation of very fine music." Ian McHugh, UKJazz Radio, Tonemonkey, Blues Is The Truth

  10. Tim Elliot

    "Judging from the array of talent displayed on this disc it is time for blues music promoters to invest in Scottish talent and help to present them to a far wider audience. This album does not disappoint on any level and no matter what your particular Blues Bag is you will be sure to find something to tickle your fancy" Tim Elliot, Blues N Trouble

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