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Wang Dang Delta came together in 2003 as a loosely based blues collective united by their enthusiasm for the blues. Paper Boat is Wang Dang Delta’s debut CD and it opens with the down-home boogie of the The Honey Man which pays tribute to the memory of friend and folk-blues musician, Les Honeyman. The nine tracks which follow include Empty Folks, a stirring social commentary, Caravanette, possibly the only road-blues devoted to Scotland’s A9 trunk road, Sick to Get Sober, a folk blues highlighting the perils of over indulgence and If I Can Get a Ticket, the hottest slab of country misery this side of Waverley Station. The 10 tracks are all originals penned by this Scottish 6 piece and cover every aspect of contemporary blues making Paper Boat perfect for late night listening.

The album was recorded at Butterstone Studios, near Dunkeld in Scotland in 2005.

“One of the more original bands on the UK scene”
Blues Matters magazine


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