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Scottish Highland harper and singer Marie-Lousie Napier writes a series of beautiful lullabies for her baby grandchildren in stunning new album & book called ‘Lullaby Nana’.

Says Marie-Lousie…

Dear Listeners. Welcome to my collection of personalised lullabies. There are fifteen in all. I wrote them for the new babies of our family and friends. My mother always sang lullabies to me and my siblings when we were young, and this album is a way of carrying on the tradition. I begin and end the collection with a few of these.

I loved the challenge of making ‘bespoke’ songs, usually based on the names of the babies. Both words and music are mine. I often created a painting to go with each song which incorporated the lyrics in some way. Elements of these paintings can be found in the album artwork. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them! Night time songs are a great comfort to children – so keep singing.

Lots of love,

Marie-Lousie Napier (aka Nana Lullaby)


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