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“Come in, come in it’s nice to see you how’s yersel’, yer looking grand tak a seat and ha’e a drammy, man yer welcome… come into the Nick Mackay music space”.My debut album, Another Box Ticked, has nineteen tracks of Traditional Scottish Dance/Ceilidh Dance Music, including two Medleys and a Maori love song from New Zealand. 

Who I am? Caithness born, Nicholas Manson Mackay, was brought up on a croft, where one had to entertain oneself between feeding the cattle, tending the sheep and lifting the tatties. The first music I played would have been on the ‘moothie’, but around the age of eight my father appeared with a Hohner Black Dot Double Ray; it was a two row box and soon I was able to play a tune from it. By the age of nine my first performance was in Watten Hall, Caithness at a local concert, I still remember it because the chair was rather high, my feet did not touch the floor but my reward was a box of Maltesers – this gave me encouragement to practise. A lot of water has gone under the bridge waiting for this album to materialize. I did not spend all the time practising; music has always been one of my hobbies. Since retiring from the Dance Band scene I have dedicated more time to solo playing at Accordion and Fiddle Clubs.

Album Info: The line up of instruments is: Lead Accordion, Second Accordion, Fiddle, Keyboard and Drums. I have arranged the tracks to give a blend of different timings to hold the interest of the listener. A mix of Reels, Jigs, Marches, Waltzes, Polka, Two-Steps, Strathspeys and Medleys giving a good variety. I have included one of my own compositions, The Waterside Two-Step. Track 19, A Maori Love Song Pokarekare Ana comes all the way from New Zealand. Hope you have found the information useful and Another Box Ticked is now part of your Traditional Scottish Music Collection.

Kind Regards, Nick

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