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Eureka is the 2013 album from the Phil G Band. The album has been written by singer/songwriter Phil Gibbons and talented Italian guitarist Marco Degiorgi, and was produced by freelancer Matt Butler (Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins).


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1 review for Phil G Band

  1. Jon Newman

    The "Eureka" album first track really kicks of with a gripping bass line that is superbly punctuated with percussion and haunting guitar chords. In fact the album continues very much in this expressive vein and there seems plenty of space for each musician and yet they is a certain restraint that is very pleasing as the vocals pervade very vividly the emotions of each song. I’ve not heard of this band before but I would like to know if they intend planning a tour……we’ll all be watching for that!! Good luck with the album sales. JM

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