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“Ansema we stand” is a unique collection of songs and music from innovative and much-coveted double bass player, composer and songwriter Roberto Cassani.

‘Ansema’ means ‘together’ in the Lombardy dialect of Rivoltano and perfectly captures the way the album blends the musical traditions of his adopted home in Scotland’s rural Perthshire with the language of his native northern Italy.

Ansema We Stand is the first time Rivoltano – an endangered minority language that is the Roberto’s native dialect – has been captured and celebrated in art, and in doing so, Roberto shares the language of his heart, bringing an undeniable immediacy and honesty to his music.

Roberto saw compatible elements between the musicality of the Italian spoken word and the sounds of Scottish traditional music that he felt compelled to bring together.

This unique cultural fusion of these two geographically small, yet culturally gigantic parts of the world unite on Ansema We Stand to deliver a message of unity, community and strength.

As a seasoned session musician, Roberto was able to bring together a rich pool of world-class musicians for this beautiful album. His double bass and vocals are accompanied by Anna Massie on guitar, fiddle, mandolin and tenor guitar, John Somerville on accordion, Steve Fivey on drums and percussions, Ross Ainslie on pipes and whistles, Hamish Napier on piano and flute and Greg Lawson on violin.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Ansema We Stand was recorded and produced by Andrea Gobbi of GloWorm Studios in Glasgow.


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