Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd


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“Children Playing – it’s what we do. So why the Caution? Well, that’s a wee advisory note to those who like their children to be seen and not heard. Or maybe to those who have a preconception that “it’s kids – it’ll be very nice, and it’s very laudable, but maybe it won’t actually be that good.”

It’s good all right. They are indeed children playing, but they have a bit more going for them than many children. First of all, they’re good. Second, they get a lot of help from a lot of people that most children don’t get access to. There is a huge amount of very high quality creative support and encouragement that goes into the music you’ll hear on these discs.

Something else that marks these children apart is the level of support they give each other. That was never better illustrated than when Ellie Boyd lost her father in tragic circumstances in January 2013. The way her friends rallied round her was remarkable, and I don’t think I have ever seen a braver or more emotional musical performance than the one they gave at his memorial service in Oban.

This album is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Dr. Tim Boyd.

Finally, we’re very grateful once again for the financial backing we receive from our supporting charitable trust, Friends of Plockton Music School, without which the manufacture of this CD would not be possible.”

Douge Pincock, Director, Plockton Music School


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