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The Lady Aurora is a roots-based solo acoustic guitar album, and Stephen’s first.

It contains blues grooves, Appalachian mountain tunes and a 14th century Moorish traditional maqam. Eleven of the thirteen tracks are instrumental, eight are original compositions, three are new arrangements of traditional tunes and two are adaptations of J J Cale and Simon Jeffes (Penguin Cafe Orchestra) numbers.

The album was recorded with a close miked feel, with an aim of creating continuity and flow between tracks. The Lady Aurora seeks to capture the atmosphere of ‘being in the room’. Nearly all tunes are inspired by aspects of nature in one way or another. Stephen’s music reflects the influence many different guitarists, including John Martyn, Nick Drake, Chance McCoy, Juan Martin, Slim Harpo and John Fahey as well as J J Cale and PCO.

It was decided to record The Lady Aurora album after original tunes were played in live settings (sometimes crowded and noisy bars) to good audience reaction and people asked, ‘who wrote that?’. It was time to put the music down onto record!


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