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2020 was supposed to be a very special milestone, celebrating Ten Years of Trail West. As with the majority of events over the course of the year, the celebrations were put on hold, including the main event, which was a first ever headline show in the famous Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow.

Despite the restrictions, the tenth year could not pass without some form of celebration and Trail West’s fourth studio album, ‘Countless Isles and Endless Miles’, was released. Most of the album was recorded in February before the restrictions came in but was subsequently delayed due to Covid-19.

‘Countless Isles and Endless Miles’ follows on from the band’s last album, ‘From the Sea to the City’, with the familiar vocals of Seonaidh MacIntyre and Jonathan Gillespie sharing the lead on a variety of songs. The songs are intersected with high intensity tune sets with the band’s ceilidh band roots shining through frequently.

The title refers to the travelling that the band have enjoyed over the years, mainly throughout the West Coast of Scotland but also further afield. In their own words:

‘Over the last ten years, we have met some fantastic people from throughout the world; enjoyed a tune, a song and a dram with many and really have visited Countless Isles and travelled Endless Miles, all of which we wouldn’t have changed for the world.’


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