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Cracks in the Room, 2017

Released 7th April 2017, Cracks in the Room is Twelfth Day’s second studio album.

Produced by Chris Wood and mixed by Oz Fritz (Tom Waits).

Catriona Price (Orcadian fiddler), & Esther Swift (Peebles harpist), are a “two person quartet”, who under the guidance of producer Chris Wood, making his debut in this pivotal role, have created an extraordinary album, happily hard to define.

Classically trained, Twelfth Day bring outstanding technical ability as well as an adventurous mix of folk, jazz and classical influences to their compositions and arrangements – blended with the folklore and inspirations of their respective Scottish Highland and Lowland upbringings. Their two distinctly different voices, the fiddle, and the pedal harp, build layer upon layer of a complex and ever-evolving sound, rich with rhythm, harmony and texture.

With Cracks in the Room, Twelfth Day show a new fierceness and strength. The title track Cracks is an outcry in response to the lingering social stigmas around being an outspoken, self-employed woman. This is a song about a woman trying to mould and cram herself into what’s expected of her; its rising hysteria brimming with the pair’s quietly wild humour. Cracks drags agonising internal struggles out into the light of day, and celebrates imperfection in all its beauty.

The album also reflects insight brought by collaborations with international artists. The strong words of their Syrian friend Maya Youssef on her country’s suffering brought the inspiration and title of Another Phase in History.

“There are unlikely to be many better albums produced in Scotland this year.”
– Fatea Magazine

“A remarkable performance… True originals who sound like nothing you’ve ever heard.”
– Folk Radio U


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