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Face to Face, 2019
Released 8 November 2019, Face to Face is Twelfth Day’s third studio album.

Face to Face, the first wholly self-produced record from Twelfth Day, explores a wealth of urgent current issues through powerful multi vocal harmonies and layered strings.

Recorded at Scotland’s famous Castlesound Studios and the Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh, the result is a varied and innovative compendium of well-crafted songs, which will inevitably draw comparisons to Hannah Peel, Stealing Sheep, Haiku Salut, Lisa Knapp, Björk. There’s the radio-friendly catchiness and
self-proclaimed respect for Beyoncé; there’s the swagger and surprise of jazz and funk; there’s the precision and technique of classical.

The only label to truly hit the high note is ‘contemporary’: Face to Face could only be made now, and only by Twelfth Day.


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